We’re on Sunday evening and you had a difficult weekend.

Between groceries, cleaning, family time, one Lucifer ep, or two, or more, you had the time to look at your finances only now. You’re seated at your kitchen table and finished reviewing your bills and the numbers are just... not what you’d like. It ain’t bad. It ain’t good either.

Tomorrow is back to work and you’re not sure what you gonna do. Now’s fine. But what about later? It can’t go on forever. You know you need to secure those remote clients over the long run. You’re a bit active on Instagram, but is that even working? There’s just so much going on and you might not know where to focus. That’s ok.


Hi, I’m Fanny. I’m a digital marketing remote freelancer.

One of my first jobs was at a movie production company in 2014. We created a website and started sharing a few posts on social media. Everybody understood it was important, nobody knew how to do it. So I started seriously studying digital marketing.

Now I base my work on 5 mentors:

1. Rand Fishkin for SEO

2-3. Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray for copywriting

4. Gary Vaynerchuk for social media

5. Seth Godin for marketing

I want to provide each passionate and creative person with solid ways to promote their arts and sustain their clients, and income. No passion on an empty stomach!

Because you worth doing what you love. You do now, you do later.

What about starting now?


1st contact

You fill in the form below. We plan our first video call on Zoom for about 1h. There, we discuss your business, marketing and goal.

Decide on one goal

At the end of the call, we decide on one and only one goal for your marketing and business. We fix all the details through emails, complete a contract if needed and I send you an invoice due for 30 days after the first day of work.

Plan our work

We plan regular meetings on Zoom throughout your project. Once a week, once a month, or at the end of the work, only what makes sense.

I share with you one dashboard on Trello and one folder on Dropbox. All our communication and documents will be there.

Review our results

At the end of the work, we have one last video call on Zoom for about 1h. We review the project, our goal, results and what we can do next.


I offer to review your digital marketing strategy and tactics with best practices broken down into 7 steps. I list and rank the gaps and focus on the biggest one you need to work on right now. That’s your map.

You can imagine them and they can be a real person. They’re the people you want to serve, you want to help because you know how it feels like to be in their shoes. And that’s how we’ll create that persona. They’re more than 7,55 billion people on Earth. Start with people that deserve you, start with people that get you.

A journey is all the steps we take to do something. You might browse it on Google, ask a question on a Facebook group or talk about it with a friend. All those little things that make us take that one big decision. Are they gonna buy from you? To understand that, we’ll map all those steps and see where you can help. Can you answer that question on Facebook? Provide them with that info they so desperately need on Google? Or get that review from their friend? So many questions, so many steps!

Every day, grab your smartphone (computer or tablet, they work too) and comment posts on one social media. Why one? Because that’s how you start. When you get used to one social media, you can add another, and so on. But, at first, do one. And comment as much as possible. 1h a day or 1h a week if that’s the time you have. The more, the merrier. Comment on your clients posts, your prospects posts, your industry #, everything.

Grab your smartphone (or computer or tablet, something linked to the Internet) and publish one post today on one social media. Why one? Because that’s also how you start. After, you can publish as many posts on as many platforms as possible. But first, one. Don’t take time making something up. Post something about what you’re doing right now. Take a screenshot, picture, video, or just write a few sentences about what you do. That’s just 5 min. No time making something up. Everything interesting is here. It’s you, who you are, how you work and what you do.

Send direct messages to as many influencers as possible. Find them on your preferred social media. Ask them to give you feedback about what you do, how they started, to work together, … Look for that feedback, connect and grow your network.

A website can be huge to built. So start small, start with one page. First, bring some background, write about your persona. In which s(h)ituation are they? Then, write about you. How do you relate to them? After, write about your solution. How will you help them solve their issue? Finally, tell directly and clearly how they can get that amazing solution. Should they email you? Fill in a form? Connect on a social media? Once you published that one simple page, you can grow your website bit by bit.

Write to your list. They're your people, they subscribed on your website and asked to hear from you and only you. When they subscribe, tell them exactly what they’ll get. Do you write your thoughts every day? Do you post a deep dive article once a month and send a summary? Do you send a course once a week for 8 weeks? They’re all good newsletters. Choose one, go talk and connect with them.