Freelancers deserve good clients that pay well, on time, don’t complain and that we keep for years.

But there’s just so much going on and you might not know what to do or where to start.

That’s ok.

Hi, I’m Fanny!

I’m a digital marketing freelancer.

One of my first jobs was to create a website and share a few posts on social media. Everybody understood it was important, nobody really knew how to do it. So I started seriously studying digital marketing. Now I base my work on the best marketers' advice.

You worth doing what you love. You do now, you do later. What about starting now?


'I had the big pleasure of being Fanny's client for 6 months. She helped me set-up and clean-up a lot of the data driven part of my business.

Fanny is an amazing person to work with, she was always well prepared for our sessions and you can feel that she really wants you to succeed.'


'Fanny is a professional Digital Marketeer that I had the pleasure to work with. She can develop and manage the marketing strategy, segment-based strategies, plans, budgets and execute multi-channel campaigns with clear and achievable targets.'


'Fanny not only has a deep knowledge of the digital market, but she is also passionate and will try to understand your business challenges, before coming with a concrete and complete plan to hep you develop your business'


Way of working

1 Free discovery call

We don’t know yet how we could work together. We need to talk about what you really need and understand how I could really help you.

2 Concrete proposal

The project is not precise yet. We fix the scope, price and deadline. What we will do, when and how is then fixed.

3 Updates (if needed)

If the work takes several weeks, you might not know anymore what’s going on. The work is updated on Trello and we plan regular video calls to review it. You can always check what’s happening.

4 Final review

The work is done but you’re not sure what to check. We review together the results during a video call. You know the why and how of your project success.


There are just so many things you need to do and you might know where to start. So we’ll compare your marketing to best practices and focus on the one thing you need to do right now. Stop guessing and start doing.

You work with bad clients who keep on whinning, pay you way too little and late. Define who you really want to work with. You’ll only work with the best clients who pay well, on time and love your work.

Your clients and prospects are busy and might not have time for you. List each time they enter in contact with you. You’ll contact them when they need you.

You use social media but... are you doing this right? I coach you to build your social media habit. You show you’re there for your clients and how good you are.

Your clients don’t listen to you, they listen to their influencers. I contact your clients’ influencers on the social media they usually use. You create work with them that your clients care about.

You have a website, but is it useful? I optimise your copy, SEO, basic design and web analytics. Your website helps you get more and better clients.

Building a whole website can seem like a big scary task, it doesn’t have to be. I build your own website and take care of all the technical stuff. You can lay back and relax.

Why are you sending this newsletter again? Send one that means something to your readers. They’ll love it and will recommend it.

Something to say to your audience? Don’t wait, go to them. I help you craft your very own newsletter. You get in your audience inbox, and they love that.