1st contact

You fill in the form below and I email you back to plan our first video call on Zoom for about 1h. There, we discuss your business, marketing and goal.

2nd contact

I review our discussion and we plan a 2nd call to decide on one and only one goal for your marketing and business. We fix all the details through emails, complete a contract if needed and I send you an invoice due 30 days after the first day of work.

Work, work, work

We plan regular meetings on Zoom throughout your project. Once a week, once a month, or at the end of the project, only what makes sense.

I share with you one dashboard on Trello and one folder on Dropbox. Most communication and all documents will be there.


At the end of the work, we have one last video call on Zoom for about 1h. We review the project, our goal, results and what we can do next.