1 ideal client avatar

You work with bad clients who keep on whining, pay you way too little and late. Define who you really want to work with. You’ll only work with the best clients who pay well, on time and love your work.



2 ideal client journey

Your clients and prospects are busy and might not have time for you. List each time they enter in contact with you. You’ll contact them when they need you.



3 social media coaching

You use social media but... are you doing this right? I coach you to build your social media habit. You show you’re there for your clients and how good you are.

1 month



4 contact influencers

Your clients don’t listen to you, they listen to their influencers. I contact your clients’ influencers on the social media they usually use. You create work with them that your clients care about.

100 contacts



5 optimise your website

You have a website, but is it useful? I optimise your copy, SEO, basic design and web analytics. Your website helps you get more and better clients.

~10 pages



6 create your newsletter

Something to say to your audience? Don’t wait, go to them. I help you craft your very own newsletter. You get in your audience inbox, and they love that.



Which one do you think you need right now?

Be careful, what you think, want and need might all be different. So let’s find what you really need.