You already have so many things going on.

Marketing, sales, admin, bookkeeping, who knows what else, and you still have a job to do.

It’s overwhelming, I know.

I walked away from the workshop armed with ideas on what to do the next time I make a post.

Kerri Rentmeester -- Restaurant Manager

I liked the overall workshop session and gained knowledge of Digital Marketing Basics.

Raghavendar Adepu -- Virtual Assistant

That’s why this workshop is here. It’s:


we review 7 basics, no more, no less


it only lasts 1h


you actually do the work through exercises

Each basic has a 2 min presentation and a 5 min exercise.

The 7 basics are:

1 your ideal client avatar

2 your ideal client journey

3 comment on social media

4 document on social media

5 contact influencers

6 build your website

7 send your newsletter


The waiting list is open.

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